Why Choose Smith Safety Group For Your Business?

As a family run business, we understand that running a company is a 24/7 job. With clients, customers, employees - not to mention your own family - on the line, the pressure to do things right and do things fast can feel insurmountable. That’s why we’ve set out to make things easier for our customers - you. Whether you choose from our pre-made bundles or create your own, we offer competitive prices, fast shipping and products you can trust. We stress about taking the stress off of you.

Large Quantity

Looking for a specific product (and lots of it?) Shop our full collection here, select the product you need and enjoy special pricing on large quantity orders. Looking for quantities exceeding those stated on our listings? Give us a call!

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Business Bundles

Crunched for time? We got you covered. Shop our pre-made business bundles here that contain all of the foundations for a safe workplace. Choose your bundle based off your business size and number of employees.

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Custom Orders

Mix and match our products at wholesale pricing for a PPE solution that's unique to your business. To access our wholesale pricing, fill out a request form here and a member of the Smith Safety Group will be in contact shortly.

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Our Commitment

All certified PPE products* have been tested and approved under our licenses granted by Health Canada, NPN #80100635 & MDEL #13434. *Reusable masks are not considered certified products and should be used in tandem with physical distancing practices. Please check government regulations in your area to ensure you’re complying with community safety measures.

Questions about what PPE products are right for your business?

With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to know what PPE best suits the needs of your industry, customers and clients. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us directly through our contact us form